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Maxthon Cloud Browser выпущен официально!
Облачный Maxthon представляет новую эру веб-серфинга, опираясь на инновационный подход к технологии и обработке пользовательского опыта, c которым Maxthon так хорошо знаком. Это также результат постоянного диалога Maxthon c глобальным сообществом пользователей c момента создания MyIE2. Облачная платформа позволяет Maxthon пойти дальше других браузеров и сделать опыт сквозной веб-навигации реальностью.

Changelog for [2015-02-10]

[Main Frame]
+Indivudually display Custom filtering rules for pages
+Supported Security Alliance list certificate
+Optimization of Ad-block Menu Style when Ad-block is disabled
+Optimized ad-filters sharing
+Adblock Plus icon with ads filtering count
+Optimization of Adblock Plus Notication Style
+Support of Acceptable Ads, Allow Non-invasive Advertising

[Webkit Core]
+Support of Top level domain
+Optimized Pop-up blocking

[Main Frame]
Quick Access data reset issue
Filter rules being downloaded when ad-hunter is not enabled
"Subscription Rules Title" display issue.
Possible to add non domain name to filtering white list
When not maximized, the filter tip is not in the right position
Tool bar icons appear transparent
In some languages some Account panel parts are not completely displayed
Setting center security problem
One security issue in Extensions center

[Webkit Core]
Fixed one Flash filtering mistake
Fixed on core crash problem
Youtube video loading speed is slow
3D display effect problem on some websites
Unble to log into Session window under some specific conditions
When maximizing or minimizing a page on touck screen devices, the status bar value doesn't change
Fixed page disorder problem when using Touch screen zoom and using ctrl+scroll.
On Touch screen devices touch scroll is not effextive on PDF Preview page and Multi-Frame pages
Under High DPI, Certicates and Certificates error dialogs Height and Size
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MD5 a0c5691ca9bceeb31abcd0d843d43dff
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Опубликовано 05.03.15

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